Sunday, August 21, 2011

About The Wolves

This is the begining of a story of the northern wolves or Elk Ridge, and the southern wolves of Elk Ridge. The fictional story takes places years, and years into the past. When humans did not excist. The wolves back then were huge muscular beasts. With narled hair, and scarred faces. This story is about two tribes of wolves, who will do anything for one puppy that could possibly save the specie from starvation, and bring good fortune to one of their nations. Who will it be? The Black wolves of the north, or the white wolves of the south? Find out in this exciting, and adventurous tale

Please be pacient for new updates, and pictures. This isn't my life but simply a fun thing to do with my free time. Also feel free to give me comments on my writing, and what I could do to make it more enjoyable. I am not going to spend hours on each post so please, be nice to me about grammer, and spelling. I am not the brightest crayon in the box.


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