Sunday, August 21, 2011

CHAPTER ONE - A Life is Begun

     In the shelter of a uprooted pine tree, a puppy was born. Usually a litter consists of around six puppys but today Akilla the southern female wolf leader gave birth to a healthy brown wolf pup. His eyes were the color of autum leaves, and his fur resembled creamer, and coffee half swirled together. Beautiful yes, but there was something certainly wrong. The spirts had fortold of a brown wolf birthed from a white pair of wolves, and how that puppy would shift the earth, and bring back good fortune. Now as Akilla cleaned her puppy she glances up at her mate. A larger white wolf named Malaki. His features were in awe, and as    Akilla looked to him again for comfort he stepped away. She wimpered, and then her spoke "What do you expect to do with a puppy who doesn't match?" He scoffed.
     Akilla sighed, "You don't remember what the spirits fortold?! How could you forget? This puppy is going to save our tribe from starvation..."
     "I know that Akilla! What I'm trying to say is that this pup does not fit in. He will be easy to find if the northern tribe hears of this. They will want him, and they won't stop until they have him. We must keep him in the den, until we are sure that this pup is the miracle we need he must not go anywhere!" Malaki said this in a harsh, and unfriendly tone.
     "But Malaki.." Akilla pleaded. "This wolf will never be normal unless he leaves the den. I cannot nerse a full grown wolf forever. Besides how will the north know if he leaves the den, even a few feet?" She hoped he would give in and simply allow their fate to come, instead of hiding it.
     Malaki grunted, pawing the dry dirt, and leaves on the den floor. "Can't you understand that not everyone can be trusted. Our clan expects a new pup to be presented, and they will all see it. If we show them, and a traitor tells the north, they will attack us, and kill whoever gets in the way. Akilla; for now none of your puppys survived birth."  Akilla nodded slowly understanding.
     She than said. "I will at least have the honor of naming him." She looked over the tiny male, then descided. "I shall name him Dorami son of Malaki, and Akilla, leaders of the Southern Elk Ridge Tribe." She said each word with a growing pride. Malaki simply nodded, and then sauntered out the den opening. Turning back to the pup who now cuddled against her belly she repeated his name. "Dorami, Dorami.. You will save the land young one, I can feel it in my heart." After that they both dosed off to sleep. Akilla's elongated tail curling around the adolecent.

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